Zen Psychotherapy

Are you tired of running from your past?

Are you seeking meaning, direction, and purpose in your life?

Do you long to come home to your True Self empowering who you are?

Zen Psychotherapy can give you perspective,
meaning, and purpose in your life!

If you are overwhelmed by life, in pain, feeling lost, or longing to return home, then it may be time to face your past and transform your life.

Zen Psychotherapy offers you the opportunity to see yourself in a new light, to understand and address the deeply-rooted patterns which shape your life, and to expand your ability to navigate life and its many challenges. When you stop and allow yourself to feel and awaken to who you truly are, the meaning and enjoyment of your life will naturally arise.

My approach provides a non-judgmental and loving space for you to explore who you are and where you want to go. I use meditation, visualizations, sub-personality work, Psychosynthesis, Big Mind Zen, Buddhist Psychology, and Somatic Experience fused with joy and humor while respecting your unique individual experiences, needs, and aspirations.

Zen Psychotherapy, is a synthesis of my spiritual and Zen practice as well as my psychotherapeutic background and training in these fields:

Psychosynthesis was developed by the Italian psychiatrist Roberto Assagioli. Partly inspired by Freud’s psychoanalysis and Jungian depth psychology, it is today considered to belong to the field of transpersonal psychology. The Psychosynthesis approach affirms the reality of spiritual experience as an integral part of the human experience. It acknowledges our individual uniqueness and our connection to the whole. Where suffering can be caused by a loss of contact with who we really are, the psychosynthesis approach seeks to restore and renew this contact.

Contemplative Psychotherapy is a branch of therapy that integrates Buddhist philosophy and practice with the clinical traditions of modern psychology. It is rooted in the belief that all human beings are born with the innate wisdom that can heal our psychological pain. Developing trust in this innate wisdom is part of the therapy and path to building a life worth living.

Somatic Experiencing (SE), is a therapeutic method that can reduce and resolve stress reactions from shock and trauma. The method is primarily directed to focusing attention on body sensations, whereby the body’s inherent and healing resources are activated so that balance is re-established in the nervous system and stress reactions are resolved.


The fee for a standard session of 55 minutes is $150. I also offer a limited number of sliding-scale appointments based on need and availability. Feel free to inquire about this option.

If you are interested please contact me to schedule an initial conversation, free of charge, to discuss your needs and together determine if I can provide what you are looking for. Click here for information on contacting me.

Due to the pandemic, I currently only offer on-line therapy and group sessions. As soon as the Covid-19 is under control I will also resume in-person therapy and groups.

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Cancellation Policy: Should you cancel or re-schedule an existing appointment within 24 hours of your appointment or fail to show up for your scheduled appointment without notice–excluding emergency situations–you will be charged for the full amount of your session.