Big Mind Processes

Big Mind is for you who want to go deeper into yourself with your meditation practice or just have a longing to experience more of your deeper being and at the same time get light on what is holding you back from living fully as you are.

Big Mind is a fun, simple and effective method of self-insight that at the same time opens your heart and mind up to a new and greater appreciation of life’s richness and wholeness. Big Mind is a tool that consists of a mixture of Western psychology and Eastern spirituality. The method has been developed to better understand the mind and the human being.


Big Mind was developed by Zen Master Genpo Roshi in 1999 after nearly 30 years of traditional Zen training under the Japanese Zen master Maezumi Roshi. For 24 years, as well as working with the psychologists Hal and Sidra Stone and their psychological method “Voice dialogue”. He was inspired to bring both traditions together, where both the psychological subpersonality work and the transcendence of the Zen tradition could complement each other in a dynamic interplay and integration into what he calls the Apex. Through this, the Zen experience became accessible to all of us, without us having to spend many years in a monastery, where we can at the same time get to work with the parts of the personality that stand in the way of being our true nature.

Graphic illustration of the synthesis of Small Mind and Big Mind

The basic structure of the Big Mind method works with what in Zen is called “The Three Treasures”, which is buried deep inside each of us. When we have not yet awakened to this, or we have pushed them away and down into the unconscious, it often creates suffering, dissatisfaction, unhappiness and longing for something other than who and what we are.

In the Big Mind method, “The Tree Treasures” are called:

Small Mind * is the human contracted self that feels limited and separated from the whole, that is lonely and often has a feeling that something is missing.

Big Mind * is “being”, which in Zen is known as “the Unborn Buddha-mind or Buddha-nature” – that which is never born and never dies and is without time and space, infinity. Also called “The Absolute Self”, Mind or No Self. Our true nature, as they say in Zen.

Big Heart * is the integrated and constantly awakening self and heart, The Human Being, which consists of both “small contracted mind” and “Big expanded Mind”. They gather in a synthesis living in the heart as Wisdom, Love and Compassion.


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